What are the possibilities of an Internet connection?

Currently, we have the ability to connect many devices to the Internet, it can be, for example, a smart TV, thanks to which we can watch TV in digital quality by connecting to Netflix or HBO, for example.

Thanks to this, we can get a high-quality image, in addition, it will also be a good-quality sound stream. Of course, we will have to ensure a permanent connection to the router, we can do it via an internet cable or connect via Wi-Fi.

What are the possibilities of an Internet connection?

Home internet speed test

If we want to use the wireless connection option, then we should check if the TV is in a place where we have a good signal, where the internet speed will be appropriate. In this case, we can use our phone, stand near the TV, enter a website that allows you to perform a speed test. In this way, we will find out if the range of our router is adequate, in the case of a weak signal, we can use many modern devices that allow, for example, to strengthen the signal.

Correct performance of the test will require turning off the devices that connect to our router on a daily basis, we should also check whether there is any software update on the computer. One should remember that many antivirus programs, for example, update their database once in a while, in addition, we can notice graphics card driver updates, game updates on Origin or Steam platforms. Of course, we can temporarily disable some programs to make sure that our connection is busy.

Using the speed test websites we will be able to check what possibilities our link gives us, how quickly we can download the game, for example, in what resolution it is best to watch movies online. Thanks to this, we will also find out whether the speed corresponds to the parameters provided by our internet provider. If we notice that websites load too slowly, then we can buy a package with better parameters.

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