BCAAs – support muscle development

New trends, better and better supplements that often stand on the borderline between legality and illegality…

It’s a pursuit that is often not worth the candle. It’s worth focusing on basic, widely available and fundamental supplements that can easily and safely take your training to a new level without compromising your health. Such a supplement is the popular BCAAs, which provide great support for muscle fibres during and after exercise.

BCAAs – characteristics of the supplement

BCAA is nothing else but an abbreviation for branched chain amino acids.) It contains a complex of the most important essential amino acids (i.e. those which must be provided with food). These are valine, leucine and isoleucine. To properly understand the help of BCAA in training it is worth quoting a little physiology.

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Muscles are made of proteins, and these proteins are made of longer or shorter chains of amino acids linked together. Muscles during training (especially strength training) are very strongly used. During training, muscle fibres are damaged, giving them an impulse for future regeneration and growth. However, damaged muscles will not grow properly if they don’t receive the right ‘nutrient’ quality, which will inhibit regeneration, increase the risk of injury and reduce the quality of future workouts. The presence of a high level of branched-chain amino acids in the body of an athlete will be very important – it will support regeneration, growth and muscle development by providing them with the best possible building material. The supplement in question should be taken around workout time, as it will protect muscles during training and provide them with ‘nourishment’ immediately after the workout, protecting them from catabolism.

BCAAs - support muscle development

Side effects

Many supplements for athletes are notorious for their untested properties and side effects. BCAA does not belong to this group – it is a very well researched product which, if used as recommended, will only promote good health. However, like everything in excess – it is dangerous. Overdosing on BCAA and eating them in “kilograms” can damage the kidneys or liver.

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