Vitamin complex needed by every athlete

Sportsmen are people who spend a large part of their time in training rooms.

They exercise literally in the sweat of their brow honing their skills. However, along with physical effort they tend to lose many vitamins which are an indispensable element of proper functioning of the body. These deficiencies need to be replenished very quickly to protect against injury and disease by providing the body with everything it needs.


What vitamins for physically active people?

There are many vitamins – but some of them are particularly important for the body of an athlete. They keep watch over the performance of biochemical processes, take part in the synthesis of compounds, or are an integral part of the functioning of many systems. Among the most important that athletes should supplement are:
– B vitamins; they are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems which are among the most important systems for an athlete. They also take part in the metabolism of macronutrients. They reduce muscle fatigue, fatigue and twitching.
– Vitamin C seals blood vessels and enhances the absorption of iron from food, which is extremely important for transporting and carrying oxygen. Good tissue oxygenation is essential for producing the energy needed for training.
– Vitamin A – enhances the production of muscle cells, which are needed during the regeneration of damaged fibers. This allows muscles to come back stronger, more powerful and bigger.
– Vitamin E supports the production of testosterone, a hormone which is extremely important for every man. Additionally, it reduces the breakdown of erythrocytes ensuring good oxygenation of tissues.
Vitamin complex needed by every athlete

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All these vitamins can quickly “escape” from the body. It is important to provide them with food or buy appropriate supplements in capsules. Vitamins A, D, E, K are fat-soluble, so the body can store their excess as a safe buffer for itself.

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