Professional renovation and construction services

Renovation and construction companies often use plasterboard as a material, it is a special board, which mostly consists of gypsum material with the addition of cellulose, it is paper that is on both sides of the board.

There are also boards with special fiberglass mats that are resistant to moisture, thus preventing the formation of mold. This type of board is often used in bathrooms.

Professional renovation and construction services

Interior finishing – attic thermal insulation

Many construction companies that operate in Austria, in Vienna, use plasterboards for finishing attics. Be sure to provide proper insulation. Glass wool is used for this or, more and more often, spray foam is used. Foam is a very good material because it fills all hard-to-reach places, we can easily put it in all nooks and crannies. Thanks to this, it provides very good insulating properties. In addition, special roofing foils are also used, these can be moisture-permeable, breathable models. From the inside, a plasterboard is used, which has a large surface, thanks to which various types of surfaces can be quickly prepared, and they can also be easily adjusted to the slopes.

Traditional wet plasters used on walls are often time-consuming, which is why companies now replace them with plasterboard, in this case the installation is much faster, it is a very good solution for various types of interiors. Gypsum boards also allow you to easily create partition walls. In this case, you need a suitable metal frame to which the boards are screwed. In addition, we can use various types of insulating and warming materials in the walls. Constructions of this type have one more advantage, we can easily place the necessary electrical wires and Internet infrastructure there, which is a great advantage in the case of office spaces.

On the website we can find the offer of a renovation and construction company from Vienna, which deals with finishing attics, performs thermal insulation, and also renovating interiors or enlarging the top floors of a building. In addition, the company provides services related to the preparation of plasterboard walls and ceilings.

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